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Depth Clash
(Version 1)
Depth Clash is a simple, tongue-in-cheek dungeon game where you must escape and make it out alive before monsters kill you. The game's claim to fame is how easy it is to die; you can die by drinking bad water, you can die by using a false exit, you can die by touching a pile of stones and consequently making the skeleton who owns them very unhappy.
Before I knew how to use Unity, I knew how to use PowerPoint. If you disallowed the general 'click-to-advance slide' and only allowed advancing via clicking certain shapes, you could easily make a game. This is how Depth Clash was born.

This is a very old game that I made back in 2008 and I wanted to display it only to prove that I have the drive to make a game using only tools that I knew how to use in a creative manner.

One of the first things you need is a torch. The game hints at your needing the torch by having dark, hard to see hallways, and suggests that you could use a flame to see what is hidden. A key must be found, and traps overcome, to escape the dungeon and make it out alive.
I'm in the process of converting Depth Clash into a Unity game, hence "Version 1". I'd like to hone my Unity skills, and I thought that making a 3D version of this silly game would be a great way to increase my skills and knowledge of game engines.
The original powerpoint was started in 2008 and has a total of 417 slides. This is not the only PowerPoint game I have made (I've started six others!), but it is the most complete and the most ambitious of them all.

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