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Sharon Steiner-Wargo

Computer Scientist   |   3D Artist

I'm the quirky, funny, and almost impossibly optimistic girl known as Sharon Steiner-Wargo. I am a software engineer, 3D artist, gamer, and nerd.

Just like my logo shows two halves of an S, I too have two halves: I'm a unique mix of both programmer and artist!

According to Gallup Strengthfinder, my top 5 strengths are Empathy, Consistency, Positivity, Learner, and Relator. I can also type 90 wpm.

Please don't use any of my work without my permission. I have worked very hard to get to where I am; I'm proud of my work and what I've done.
If you'd like, please simply email me. I promise I won't bite!

Feel free to email me at if you have questions!

If you're into crafts, I have an Etsy shop called NerdyBirdyStudios. I like to make customized, personalized, and nerdy things. Take a look!